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1. Data

50 years of age (born 20.08.1961, TURNHOUT, Belgium)
Father: Herman Hoeyberghs (Chemical Engineer)
Mother: Annie Standaert (Arts Teacher)

2. Profession

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon (Belgium)
Medical Project Consultant (World Wide)



1986 Diploma of Medicine, LEUVEN (Belgium)
1988 Certificate Educational Committee Foreign Medical Graduates (USA)
1991 Diploma of Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, EDINBURGH (UK)
1994 Certificate of Specialist Training in Plastic Surgery, LONDON (UK)

Additional Educational Degrees:

Numerous certificates of international courses and workshops in all fields relevant to cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine. This includes aspects of alternative methods and medical applications of behavioural science.

Scientific work:                                   

Numerous international publications and presentations of which the 2 most quoted are:

Hoeyberghs J.L. Clinical review: cosmetic surgery.
British Medical Journal 1999;318:512-6

Hoeyberghs J.L., Desta K., Matthews R.N. The lost muscles of the nose.                                 
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 1996; 20:165-9




1984-85   General medical internships (Belgium)
1986             Head and Neck Surgery pre-specialty internship (Belgium)
1987-89     Senior House Officer in Accident and Emergency, Orthopaedic, General, Vascular and Urologic Surgery (UK)
1989-94       Plastic, reconstructive, hand, paediatric and cosmetic surgery at SHO and career Registrar level (UK)
1995-96       Staff plastic surgeon University of Maastricht Hospital (Netherlands)
1996-09     Founder, Clinical director and chief Plastic Surgeon Wellness Kliniek (Belgium)
2010-.... Founder of the HOFFkliniek in MAASEIK, Belgium

A thorough surgery-in-general training in the British National Health System included al major specialties such as Orthopaedic surgery, Ear-Nose and Throat surgery, Urology, Vascular surgery, Abdominal Surgery and Paediatric surgery.
Dr. Hoeyberghs continued his training in plastic surgery in the coordinated teaching system for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery in the UK. Apart from tough theoretic requirements, this included a five year period of vast hands-on experience in:

Hand surgery
Congenital malformations and craniofacial surgery
Cancer reconstruction surgery
Trauma surgery
Microsurgical transplant surgery
Cosmetic Surgery.

After completion of this official plastic surgery certification scheme, he continued his practice and training with a view on exclusively cosmetic super-specialisation. Numerous courses and fellowships led to certificates in all relevant subjects, including:

Tumescent liposculpture and Body Contouring surgery
Facial rejunvenation surgery
Cosmetic eyelid and periorbital surgery
Cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty surgery
Micro-hair transplant surgery
Endoscopic plastic surgery Laser,
needling and cosmeceutical techniques
Facial Resurfacing techniques
Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery
Bipolar radiofrequency invasive surgery

Since 1996, Dr. Hoeyberghs is a full-time aesthetic plastic surgeon and, to date, has operated on more than 15.000 cosmetic patients. His personal experience covers operating under all forms of anaesthesia, including twilight sedation:

Nose surgery 900
Breast surgery 3800
Eyelid surgery 2900
Face/Necklift 2300
Lipo/Body Surgery 2400
Other 3300
Adj. procedures 7000

As chief surgeon of the wellness kliniek, the largest exclusively cosmetic hospital in Europe (with 22 beds and four dedicated operating theatres), he supervised many more cases through trainees, affiliate surgeons and cosmetic specialists.
Dr. Hoeyberghs was the first (1997) to adapt the entire medical process to the ISO 9001 Quality management System, after which he has constantly scored a 90+ percentage of complete patient satisfaction, and a complication rate consistently below 2%.
He has pioneered a number of clinical advances in the fields of breast augmentation surgery, breast reconstruction, hair loss prevention surgery, breast reduction/lifting, local anaesthesia/sedation techniques, resurfacing, facial fillers and hyperhidrosis surgery. He is currently particularly sought after as a tertiary correction surgeon. 

Orginisational and Technical Supplies:

1993-2011:  Ongoing international activities in the fields of:
R&D Medical Supplies: Numerous refinements and adjustments e.g. Poly-urethane splinting, Bacteriostatic Textiles, Honeycombe supporting structures, dynamic rehabilitation splints and corsets, operating theatre lighting, Implant technology and design, Injectable effect evaluation techniques, filler design, surgical mobile fixtures etc......
Medical Quality Systems: Industrial quality methods applied to the entire surgical process, Result objectivation, etc...
Project Consultancy: Hospital architecture, Operating theatre design, HRmanagement in high pressure medical environments, Hygienic upgrading of exsisting buildings, Site optimization, Location selection, etc...

Leading the field:

1997       First (worldwide) to get the ISO 9001 quality system certification for the entire medical process.
1997        First (worldwide) to do more extensive surgery safely under tumescent infiltration and IV sedation, and publication thereof in 1999 (British Medical      Journal).
1999        Successful application of the prosthetic injection device for key-hole implantation of silicone breast prosthesis.
2006        Defining Human Wellness in a six pillar model in a best-selling book (“Een Wereld van Wellness”) in Dutch.
2008       Software development of CAAT health screening modular system to integrate thousands of routinely measured parameters, including genetic markers, in order to influence the risk factors in the gene-environment-lifestyle medical triade.
2011 BodyTite introduction in Belgium
2011 HOFFmethod of Breast reconstruction for better permanent results in greater safety.


Wellness kliniek GENK Belgium
HOFF kliniek MAASEIK Belgium
Various commitments under non-disclosure agreements (worldwide).



5. Popular Publications and Media


Under his directorate the website of the Wellness Kliniek for beauty and health was the first of its kind. It got launched in 1996. It received a prestigious “golden” award from the USA for its information, content and accessibility. From there on, it influenced the industry world wide as a whole. Nowadays, the website is still in its virtually unaltered form on the web. It still is an international reference site in 5 languages, with thousands of hits every day.


Author of 5 books in Dutch on the various aspects of Human Wellness.

Printed Media:

Regular columnist in weekly journals and papers in Belgium.
Continuous media exposure in Belgium via numerous interviews and articles as A-Celebrity status since 2002.

Audio-visual Media:

Regular contributor to radio and television broadcasts in Belgium, the Netherlands and UK.
2006-7, 2010-11: Weekly docu-soap on Belgian television with 25-35 % viewing rates.


English:  +++
Dutch:    +++
French:   ++
German: ++
Spanish: ++
Catalan:  ++                 

6. Hobbies and Personal achievements:

Popular writing of books (5) and magazines

1978       Government Medal Clarinet
1979          Government Medal Chamber Music
1984          President of Student’s Association Boves Luci - University Leuven (Belgium)
1999-00    Regional President - Association of Round tables of Belgium

2000-01    International Relation Officer -  Association of Round tables of Belgium
2006-7 Starring in docu-soap of cosmetic surgery "de wellness kliniek". (26 episodes - 30%VR)
2007          Nine-most recognizable Belgian
2010-11    Starring in very successful docu-soap of cosmetic surgery "de HOFFkliniek".
2011 Instrumental in inspiring Belgian Legislation in connection with publicity for cosmetic surgery. 


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