Dr Hoeyberghs: a surgical thoroughbred and cosmetic pioneer.


After Qualifying in Medical school in 1986, dr Hoeyberghs went to the UK for in depth surgical training. In those days becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons meant a thorough training in all surgical aspects and a lot of hands on experience in the general specialties. From 1989 onwards he specialized in the reconstructive aspects of plastic surgery, hand surgery, burns and tumour surgery as well as neonatal surgery of congenital malformations.

From 1992 he went further abroad to the US, South America and Scandinavia to meet up with and learn from the leading specialists in Cosmetic surgery.


Leading the industry for 15 years

By 1995 he had incorporated all the latest developments into his own surgical practice, and started building on a large specialized facility for Aesthetic surgery.

In 1996, he opened the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium. This quickly became a leading institute, heading a team of 6 surgeons and treating over 5000 patients annually in 4 specialized operating theatres and 22 patient beds. 

In 2010 he upgraded his private practice further in the upcoming system of “Boutique Surgery” in the HOFFkliniek.

He now continuous to spread the rapid progress in architectural developements into large scale medical projects such as Specialist Hospitals and Health institutions in general.


Inventing en Re-inventing

Dr Hoeyberghs performed more than 23.000 procedures himself on 11000 patients and was responsible for many more in a supervisory position.  As a leading surgical authority, he furthered the field of cosmetic surgery step by step. His innovations and example is now being emulated all over the world. To give some examples:

1995: First routine use of  tumescent infiltration under intra venous sedation for all cosmetic procedures, allowing combined procedures in markedly increased safety.
1999: First routine pump insertion of silicone breast implants through keyhole incision.
2004: First to incorporate all biogramatic aspects in the assessment and treatment of cosmetic patients.
2007: Technical trolley design for cosmetic surgery in central gas environment.
2008: The systematic use of secondary checklists in medical quality systems.
2009: Dual one lead mobile cart design for cosmetic surgery outside central gas environment.
2010: Galactic design for clean air operating theatres.
2011:  First tectobiotic  control of potential pathogens in the cosmetic surgery setting.



HOFF design


Numerous refinements in surgical technique were invented under his guidance for example:

Transconjunctival fat pad flap to tear trough.
Columnella plasty in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
Pumping solid implants through key hole incisions.
Injectable facial and hand implants for small en medium volume correction.
Extensive myotomies for upper third facial rejuvenation.
Two-stage Breast Perfection Surgery (HOFF method).
Use of  stem cell fraction of fat for volume correction.
Use of  growth factor fraction of blood for tissue stimulation.

Technical Advances:

Polyurethane splinting technique.
Industrial Clean Air Systems in Operating Theatres.
Tectobiotics for surgical microbilogical control.


Honeycombe Unit Design (yantric HOFF modules) for Hospitals and other Health care buildings.
Galactic Theatre Design (Lit ceiling, Horizontal Laminar airflow, High Voltage Filters, positive pressure grading) 


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