A modern architectural approach

Purpose built as the golden standard

Without question, a lot of progress has occurred in the developement of new materials and finishing techniques. In particular for medical buildings this means that anything older than 5 years is already significantly outdated.

It is always better to start from scratch in an advanced medical project. However, with creative craftmanship refurbishments can be successful, prcisely because we now have access to very advanced finishing methods such as antibiotic flooring and wall finishes. Also wireless electronic controls can simplyfy the technical cabling. In this way we have even brought a classified historic building to the highest surgical standards in 2010.

In what follows we will give you an idea about our technical and ergonomic design philosophy in various applications.

For the big projects:

A staged development approach may be optimal.

A hospital has a very specific company culture. For surgery this culture is even more distinct, separating it from the rest of medical care. It is important for this culture to grow in a very international context, often using English as the operational language.

In order to keep control on the specific developmental issues and the installation time required to operate safely and to the highest possible standard, we aim to separate different constructional phases of interdependent units.  

This staged approach will also allow the time for HR to be adequately attracted and managed, the specific infrastructure to be developed as well as the external relations issues to be developed adequately. 


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