Specific Human Resource issues.

results only as good as the people that provide them.

Surgery is not only a very human activity. It requires the right people on the job to work with a maximum job satisfaction. This is why HRM is going to be a vital issue.

We propose a clever sliding scale bonus system related to the gross profit to be contractually installed and increasing with the years of service and volume of work covered for all employees. This margin will have to be taken into account from the beginning in the financial goal settings.

Another very important issue for the bigger units, is the specific facilities offered to the staff both inside as well as outside the working hours. This may be envisaged in the infrastructural design, wherby accessibility, ousing schooling and child care are all opportunities for added perks of teh job.

The common goal is maximal quality of care via a quality handbook along the ISO 9001 standard. The chief will carry the ultimate responsibility for both the quality system and the hiring and firing. Every unit will function with maximal independence from the other units, but will be ultimately accountable to the same organization.

The company culture should be a combination of tranquil professionalism with a military efficiency and ultimate discipline. 


Taking on intelligent partnerships

In this modern era, outsourcing is not only viatal to cost efficiency but more so to consistency of quality control. We usually advise to outsource catering, cleaning, technical maintenance, gardening, security and transport. We will also need to contract external quality control, ICT and strategic marketing. 

Clearly, we prefer local partners, but can involve international services, should these appear benifical in the given circumstances.

Financial Planning:

Your success will be part of ours.

We make a point of sound financial planning from the beginning onwards. We base our projections on realistic expectations taking into account all complexities of hte specific project. 

We define a full capacity utilzation only on a workable balance between infrastructure and staffing. This “full capacity” calculation may still exposes empty weekend and bank holiday capacity. We can also add day surgery to augment the surgical volume. 

We also advise a well defined reserve capacity of infrastructure for maintenance activities and design modifications when indicated. 


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