Most manufacturers of implants limit the size of there range somewhere around 600cc. Bigger implants are custom made on special order. This has become more difficult recently, as the complication rates of these very big implants tend to be rather high, particularly in the less experienced hands.  

With the help of innovative MPS implant manufacturers, Dr Hoeyberhgs can now again organize the manufacturingand implantation  of extreme breast sizes after a carful assessment and surgical planning and special informed consent procedure.



The progress in the 1980's meant that cosmetic surgery could be performed safely with reliable results under a minimum of general anaesthesia. THis allowed cosmetic surgery to quickly move from the traditional hospital setting into the private surgical offices and clinics. Quickly commercial forces entered the profession. Large scale advertizing, via posters and magazines first, but surpassed quickly by the internet in the latter half of the nineties.

Business oriented companies with often aggressive sales strategies successfully took up a large part of the market. They have in common that they work with anonymous, often foreign doctors and surgeons, that can be replaced frequently. Admittedly, their competitive systems reduced the prices down to sometimes unrealistic proportions. As a result, at times quality suffered to the extend of being judged unacceptable by controlling bodies. Meanwhile, individual surgeons who withstood the pressure and kept their practices contained to their individual service gained reputability. They tend to distance themselves from the company system, and rely on general hospitals for the bigger procedures.

Analogous to the fashion industry currently the term "boutique" has entered the profession to indicate a comprehensive facility to allow the full spectrum of activity to take place under the same roof. It involves the necessary space, staff and equipment to serve the public with a definite surgical range, performed by the same surgeon.

In summary, the recently appearing boutique practices combine the comfort, safety and privacy of a private clinic, with the guarantee of a surgeon who will at all times be accountable and has his reputation to live up to every working day again.



Until recently, lasting results for body contouring meant the knife and or the surgical suction cannula. Peels, cosmeceutics, massage machinery and a lot of laser surgery, as a rule, to be repeated at regular intervals in order to guard their effect, which otherwise can be very temporary only. However, the market is pushing for definitive results without surgery or scars. We have now entered the era that fat can be definitively be dissolved by non-invasive means. The principle is based on physical destruction of the fat cells. The resulting debris is gradually absorbed by the bloodstream and cleared by metabolism and excretion via Liver and Kidneys.

Both direct temperature manipulation, radio frequency heating, or ultrasound cavitation can be applied for the purpose of fat cell destruction. Cryolysis, by freezing the fat, has been the only treatment that is FDA approved for the purpose.

WARNING: these techniques are still at their infancy stage and a lot of research in the medium future will have to clearly define the place in the cosmetic surgical armamentarium as well as guide the further development and rafination of the techniques.



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