best price plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery essentially is a free market. Dr Hoeyberghs made plastic surgery much more available than it was 15 years ago. Accurate public information, a pioneering medical ISO 9001 qwuality system and rigorous abandonnement of ineffective processes and treatments, all contributed to the rapid growth in cosmetic surgery.  

Now we find ourselves at the eve of a economic re)invetnion of just about everything. More than ever before the free market will have to deliver the maximum of goods and services for the best possible price. In medicine this is leading vertually everywhere to a dangerous flirt with suboptimal quality. 

By re-inventing the organization of the professional service towards a never-seen-before efficiency, we have succeeded in a better service for a much better price. Without doubt it is the unique combination of our experience together with the power to implement the most recent technological advances to the surgical process, that has been the key to this developement, once again leading the field in this industry.


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